Sunday, 5 February 2012

Anyone who knows me would say I'm not very artistic - except my friend Janelle, who obviously sees something that no-one else does!! Infact, my oldest son once told me that the only thing arty about me was my dress sense! (Gotta love boys). However, deep inside I know there is an artist, bursting to get out.

As a child I loved collage. Sticking bits of paper, cotton balls, glitter and other other trinkets onto a bigger bit of paper filled me with joy.

Then of course I grew up - and left collage in primary school where it belonged! And now, in my "mature years", my inner artist has decided that collage is OK for grown-ups. And all because I discovered art journalling.

I'm not very good, and I'm still trying to fathom it all out - but I've made myself a space in the room behind the garage. I've started gathering together some bits and pieces and I've started a few pages. Very crude at the minute, but I'm loving it.

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