Sunday, 5 February 2012

Why My Wife's a Hippy Chick??

This is how my husband described me today "My Wife's a Hippy Chick". I don't mind (though I'm probably a bit long in the tooth to be a chick) but it made me reflect on why he thinks that!!

The comment came after someone posted a photo of a Himalayan Salt lamp on their Facebook page - and I pointed out we had two, and launched into my spiel about the benefits of them.

I asked him why he thought I was a hippy chick. He said that anyone who has salt lamps, burns incense, makes their own aromatherapy blends. collects candles and drinks herbal tea is probably a hippy chick.

 If the truth be known - back in the 70's when I was a teen, I was also considered a "hippy chick". I ate "granary" bread and Muesli (when it wasn't on supermarket shelves), drank herbal tea and had incense then too. I wore love beads and clogs - and in the cold English winter - woolly tights!! I can remember my mum describing one of her friends daughters after I'd left home. "She's one of those hippy types -  you know - she eats Muesli, wears wooly tights and watches Blackadder!!" I'm not sure what the Blackadder thing was about!!

So I'm off to reflect on than with my cup of rooibos!!

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